• Eliminates the need to hire:

    • Cold Storage​, tents/marquees, ice bins, generators, bar lights

  • Reduce the number of staff wages by 40%

  • Opportunity to sell 'take-home' memorabilia stubby coolers for increased revenue.

  • Minimise normal and abnormal stock loss

    • Reduction in stock-loss through breakage & double handling.

  • Generate more revenue

    • ​​The unique design allows drinks to be served quicker than traditional bar fridges/ice bins, enabling more sales per hour, resulting in smaller queues in turn attracting more customers.

  • Collect cans sold through-out the event & sell back to recycling centres post-event for additional revenue


  • No transport of ice

  • Less water consumption

    • ​​The Can Van would use 10 times less water than a traditional mobile bar at a 6 hour event servicing 1,500 people.

  • Reduced energy of running cold rooms

  • Smaller carbon footprint & environmental impact

  • Less fuel pollution 

    • ​The Can Van’s generator need only be run for 8 hours for a 6 hour event, a traditional mobile bar would have to run a cold room for 30 hours for a 6 hour event

  • Cans are 100% recyclable aluminium


  • Operational & ready to serve within two hours of driving into the event.

  • Minimal closing time required

    • Cans are loaded dependant on expected and actual sales, therefore you can stop loading cans as sales slow down. Once the bar is shut, empty excess stock, pack away tills and drive away.

  • Improved customer service time.


  • 100% recyclable aluminium 

  • Cans are the most recycled beverage packaging in Australia

  • Plastic free

  • Infinitely recyclable

  • Lighter to transport

  • Cools faster

  • Stacks easier

  • Two-year shelf life


  • Built in lights reduce the use of electrical cord hazards
  • Can Van is fully lockable so stock is safe and secure over time
  • Reducing the triple handling and use of ice reduces the risk of injury to those operating the bar.


  • Variety of products:

    • Holds up to 18 assorted 250ml, 330ml and 375ml cans. Lower overheads mean users can also compete on price of product with the larger suppliers.

  • Signage

    • There is a space on the Can Van is the perfect location of corflute signage - ideal for menus, bar pricing and compliant signage.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    • ​Cans are served quickly and at the optimum temperature.